Workplace safety is of paramount importance to organizations. Every organization—especially healthcare institutions—needs to have a structured process in place to report, track and reduce safety incidents. Additionally, safety huddles (and toolbox talks in the construction industry) ensure that employees stay committed to creating a zero-harm workplace.

KPI Safety aggregates incident reports, success stories, key safety indicators into an intuitive solution. Using KPI Safety, employees can report incidents and near-misses, discuss corrective and preventive actions taken. The dashboard also contains an electronic huddle form that documents the huddle and assigns follow-up responsibilities to employees. A huddle report is pushed to employees every day.

With KPI Safety, healthcare institutions can ensure that no incident ever goes unaddressed. Continuous reporting, monitoring and managing safety issues enables organization-wide learning from incidents and near misses. Robust daily huddles managed by KPI Safety contribute to an interdependent team culture, improved relationships and the delivery of safe and reliable patient care.


Improve safety

Better safety performance by tracking organization-wide metrics.

Track issues

Enables comprehensive reporting and closure of incidents and near misses.

Share stories

Enables leadership to disseminate information on safety performance daily

Customer Success Story

Mary Lanning Healthcare (MLH) implemented KPI Safety to simplify daily huddle reporting and push out automatic e-mail reports to staff with ease. Led by the CEO, the safety huddle happens at the start of every weekday. Participants discuss safety incidents, success stories and progress on identified action items. With KPI Safety’s electronic huddle form, MLH was able to extend this discussion across the organization and make sure all safety action items are completed in a timely manner. MLH noticed a significant improvement in patient and worker safety after the implementation.

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