Risk Stratification Toolkit

A series on risk stratification in association with John's Hopkins ACG System

If you work in the health care industry, you’ve likely heard of risk stratification. There is a good chance that risk stratification, whether used for negotiating payment rates or improving population health, will be one of the most important elements in a value-based health care system. Citing several indicators of industry disruption, there is an urgent need to focus efforts on optimizing care delivery processes.

Risk stratification analytics provides an excellent foundation for system transformation by using advanced technology to gain deep insights required to deliver highly effective medicine without the need for more resources. In this series, we cover some of the analytic outputs that help you with your population health, care management, performance monitoring and financial use cases.

KPI Ninja clients not only get our comprehensive suite of analytics but also the Johns Hopkins ACG® System that has 30+ years of proven experience, been referenced in 1,000+ peer-reviewed journal articles, and used by numerous organizations to plan, fund, allocate and manage health care services.

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