Technology alone won’t deliver results. Companies need an independent advisor who can effect transformation from within. For healthcare analytics, this advisor should be part data scientist, part performance improvement expert, part technology architect and part consensus-builder. Our Ninja Advisors are all the above rolled into one and their mandate is to work alongside your teams to deliver clear and tangible improvements.

We work with you to integrate fragmented data sets across your organization and design interactive dashboards to help generate actionable insights. You no longer need to acquire analytics tools and maintain a stable of data scientists. With Ninja Advisors and our portfolio of analytics solutions, we help you acquire world-class analytics capabilities at a fraction of the cost you have to incur if you were to build such competencies internally.

Ninja Advisor Benefits

Trusted expertise

Ninja Advisors brings years of hands-on experience from the frontlines of healthcare and analytics.

Collaborative approach

We collaborate with your teams to create a roadmap to deliver analytics-enabled transformation.


We deliver results—not software or advice. We believe our success is strongly correlated with yours.

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