As any executive knows, drawing up plans is the easy part. Executing them successfully is where the real challenge lies. Transparency and accountability are key to successful execution. Given the complexity of today’s organizations though, it is difficult to establish clarity on critical goals and track them regularly. The consequence is that over 80 percent of organizations fail to execute their strategy.

KPI Dashboards integrates key performance indicators across the organization into a unified dashboard. With improved visibility on performance metrics at the project, committee and division level, leaders can keep a tab on the progress and see which areas need their attention. Social collaboration encourages discussion around important goals and creates a shared sense of purpose. Generating interactive charts and reports is easy whether you are using a smartphone or a laptop.

With KPI Dashboards, organizations can link administrative and publicly available databases (e.g., Medicare) to automate data acquisition and analytics. It can also work with multiple internal data sources to provide you a unified view of the progress being made. By providing everyone from the frontline worker to the CEO with instant information on their goals, KPI greatly improves the organization’s performance.


Improve performance

Create a high-performance organization with better accountability and oversight

Build consensus

Improves transparency of organizational goals and instills a shared commitment

Monitor all the action

Track and communicate progress with real-time reports and interactive dashboards

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